15 - 17 April 2019, Dubai

2018 Exhibitors at quintessence


Beautyworld Middle East-Acqua Di Baviera




At the heart of the company’s philosophy is the 2000-year-old Bavarian-Italian bond, which is characterized by a lively cultural and economic exchange between merchants and monarchs, artists and saints as well as academics and scientists. With its exclusive collection ACQUA DI BAVIERA understands how to capture the unique combination of the Italian lifestyle and Bavarian tradition in a unique world of fragrances and to create a harmonious mix springing from the invisible, sensual tie between the two cultures. All exquisite products are produced exclusively in Germany and Italy.


Beautyworld Middle East-Antonio Croce  

Antonio Croce

Antonio Croce is the Italian pride and an endless research for perfection arose from a meeting between Antonio Screpis, the founder of the brand, and Paolo Terenzi, famous “Nose” of the Italian niche perfumery. The perfume represents, with its seven essences deriving from the expertise acquired over several generations of perfumers, seven shades of Women’s personality.


Beautyworld Middle East-Areej Le Dore  

Areej le Doré

Areej le Doré represents an aroma & aura that is golden, highly pleasant, intense  beautiful; an extraordinary, well balanced melding of traditions from around the world. Having an aggressive intensity and simplicity of RUSSIAN culture, Areej le Dore has the mystery and luxurious character of ARABIAN perfumery and the delicate elegance, whispering charm and romantic beauty of FRENCH fragrances. Travel with Areej le Doré on this olfactory journey and to experience for yourself some of these aromatic compositions.


Beautyworld Middle East-Art of Scent



Art of Scent

Art of Scent-Swiss Perfumes is focussed on highlighting creativity, art, uniqueness and individuality. It is in her atelier, located in the heart of Berne’s old city, that Brigitte Witschi fashions her various fragrances and is where her precious perfumes are exclusively available. The fragrances of Bernese perfumer Brigitte Witschi are handcrafted, refined and distinctive. All of her creations are fabricated and bottled exclusively in Switzerland. The three perfumes Edelweiss, Blauer Enzian (Blue Gentian) and Silberdistel (Carline Thistle) are complete fragrance compositions, inspired by precious moments spent in the Alps.


Beautyworld Middle East-Bohoboco




BOHOBOCO is a unique fashion brand created by the Polish design duo Kamil Owczarek and Michał Gilbert Lach. Fashion is their passion… and so is perfume-making, it was their vision to design a fragrance that could be the embodiment of feminine strength, personality and beauty. That’s how BOHOBOCO No. 1 fragrance was born and became an instant hit with both women and men section. The BOHOBOCO  PERFUME collection was created in a 200-year-old French factory in the charming town of Grasse in the hills north of Canne.


Beautyworld Middle East 2017-Coquillete



Coquillette’s layered blends of local flowers and high quality ingredients from around the world accentuate the depth and complexity of each perfume, creating sophisticated, classic scents composed by Perfumer Jean Claude Gigodot.


Beautyworld Middle East-Dofta Sweden  

Dofta Sweden

Drawn from the Scandinavian spirit and inspired by world travels, Dofta creates luxurious and timeless fragrances that are made to last. Dofta products are carefully handmade in Halmstad, Sweden and further blend, fill and package all thier fragranced products by hand. From the highest quality and purest ingredients, raw materials of natural and organic are part of all thier creations.


Beautyworld Middle East-Fleurs de Festival Cannes



Fleurs de Festival - CANNES

Fleurs de Festival - CANNES is an exceptional perfume, thanks to our know-how and rigorous focus from design to production. It is a perfume that represents the heritage of Cannes.


Beautyworld Middle East-Potentia



House of Potentia

Potentia is a fine fragrance collection conceived of by psychologist, Beth Russell. The concept combines the unrivaled power of the olfactive sense with the understanding of the human psyche to move beyond our limitations and maximize our true Potential in life.The fragrances are used in combination with the Potentia process to explore personal transformation.


Beautyworld Middle East 2017-Jealous Gallery



Jealous Perfumes

Jealous Perfumes is anchored in Arabian traditions. Scents and perfumes have always mesmerized Abduljaber Al Harethi. Blended in France, his fragrances contain carefully selected premium ingredients from around the world. Introducing Misbar, Enec, Expo, 1971, as the newest additions to the Jealous Perfumes collection.


Beautyworld Middle East 2017-Nishane 




The first and only niche perfume brand based out of Istanbul with a stellar reputation, Nishane is renowned for the creation of unique scents, with each fragrance designed as a tribute to different emotions and moods.


Beautyworld Middle East-ODIN



Inspired by exotic destinations, ODIN New York takes you on  a fragrance journey with modern interpretations of time-honored fragrance traditions. For The Founders Of Odin Fragrances (Paul Birardi, Edward Chai,Larry Paul, And Kelly Kovack) And Unlike Many Of Their Peers, The Goal  of Their Fragrance Library Isn’t Driven By Commercial Success But rather The Creative Exploration Of Scent.


Beautyworld Middle East-Pierre Precieuse


Pierre Precieuse parfum

Pierre Precieuse diamond collection celebrates the timeless elegance and simplicity of the Arab world and yet brings alive the romantism and the mystical spirit bringing alive a series of carefully crafted fragrances, the diamond collection is a tribute to the centuries old tradition of perfumery across the globe blending only the most unique and captivating fragrances.


Beautyworld Middle East-Rebatchi Prive


Rebatchi Prive

REBATCHI Parfum is more than a confidential brand of perfumes it is an olfactory journey to discover natural raw materials by browsing the different continents of the world and French manufacturing and craft.


Beautyworld Middle East 2017-Signature Fragrances


Signature Fragrance London

Signature Fragrances London was founded by two friends Solomon and Yinka. Having a keen passion in perfumery, they decided to penchant passion by introducing a unique selection of highly concentrated extracts with. The perfumes are categorized by four of the most popular fragrance families in the world (Floral, oriental, woods, fresh and sweet)


Beautyworld Middle East-Teaology



Teaology is a real novelty in today's Beauty scenario. Born from the passion for Skincare and Tea of an Italian Team of professionals in International Beauty, it takes full advantage of the extraordinary properties of the active principles extracted through a new patented tecnological process from the most selected and exclusive teas from all over the world.


Beautyworld Middle East-The Code Voyage



The Code Voyage

Code Voyage Perfumes is an Emirati niche fragrance brand. Abdullah Al Hammadi entrepreneur and founder, embarked on a mission to capture the essence of the desert mists, sensuous oudhs of his Arabian heritage. This Arab-inspired fragrances have a unique French twist is a comibination that it believes leads to a ‘perfume paradise’.


Beautyworld Middle East 2017-Tom Daxon


Tom Daxon

Tom Daxon Fragrances was launched in 2013, making the best possible fragrance, removing the constraints of cost and time.Fragrance oils are blended in Grasse, France, drawing from the finest natural and synthetic ingredients from around the world. They are then macerated, bottled and packaged, all by hand in England.



Ulrich Lang

ULRICH LANG NEW YORK FRAGRANCES was created in 2002 when former L'Oreal Executive, Ulrich Lang partnered with longtime friend Britt Biegelsen.  Contemporary photography has inspired the development and packaging of each fragrance in Ulrich Lang New York's product line.  Each fragrance is composed of eclectic notes that artfully balance simplicity with sophistication.  The line has been in selective distribution since 2003 including Barneys New York, Liberty London, Nose Paris, Skins Amsterdam and Departmentstore Quartier 206 Berlin.


Beautyworld Middle East-When



A timeless, intelligent skincare "When" is created by a Korean healthcare specialist to bring the high-quality sensitive skincare treatments from dermatologist clinics and spas to fit the busy lifestyles of modern women who may not have the ‘time’ to afford to experince the luxuries.